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6 steps to the perfect panel fence

6 steps to the perfect panel fence

Planning to install a panel fence in your garden? If you have never fitted one before, you might be wondering where to start. To help you, we have put together our six step guide to installing the perfect fence…

1. Plan it out

You can never be too careful when it comes to installing a fence, so before you start digging make sure that you have the fence fully planned out; including where the posts will go, the boundary line and width of each panel.

2. Create an outline

Outline the proposed fence line with string and position our posts every six feet along the line where you want them to stand – this is an important step so make sure you are consistent with your distancing.

3. Start digging

Using a post digger or a shovel, dig a hole around that is about a third of depth as the posts. You should add a few inches for gravel that will be going into the hole. When you’re digging, watch out for any pipes that might be buried!

4. Position the posts

Once you have dug the holes, add around three inches of gravel and then around eight inches of concrete. Position the post and ensure it is level, you will then need to wait for the concrete to set, which can take up to three days.

5. Attach your panels

Once the concrete has set, you can then affix your fence panels to the posts. Depending on the type of fence you have chosen, this might be as simple as slotting them into place or it might require more permanent fixings such as screws and nails.

6. Treat the wood

Once the fence has been installed, you should then treat it to ensure it is as long-lasting as possible. Some fences will come pre-stained, but for any that have not you should paint or varnish to provide protection against the elements.