4 Steps For A Spring Maintenance.

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4 Steps For A Spring Maintenance.

With the arrival of spring, you’ll want to take a few basic maintenance tasks both inside and outside your house to keep it in good form all year.

How much care will a timber home require?

It’s a question we get asked all the time. Because wood parts are exposed to things like insects and severe weather, many types of custom wood homes necessitate a large amount of annual maintenance. With the exception of outside trusses you choose to add to your home’s porch or entryway, timber frame homes have the majority of their exposed wood inside the home, requiring little to no maintenance.

In just four easy steps, you’ll be able to keep it looking great in no time:

  1. Tend to gutters

Clean any gutters and unclog any slow rain spouts before the spring rains drench your home. Leaky roofs, decaying timber, fractured foundations, broken pavement, and insect infestations can all result from unchecked water buildup from clogged drains.

2. Keep pests at bay

To keep termites and carpenter ants at bay, remove all tree stumps and deadwood within 50 feet of your property and trim back any neighboring plants or trees. Fix any leaks or drips, and paint or seal any exposed wood surfaces to keep these frequent pests at bay. If you suspect an infestation, replace any contaminated wood right away and engage a professional exterminator to eliminate the source and treat for prevention.

3. Check chimney

Your chimney can build up enough creosote to start a major fire after a long winter of even moderate use. It only needs a half-inch coating. Look inside the flue with a flashlight and use your fire poker to scratch the black surface above the damper to verify the thickness of your creosote coating while wearing safety goggles and a dust mask. When the collection reaches a quarter-inch thickness, it’s time to schedule a cleaning before it becomes dangerous.

4. Clean up air quality

Before you start lowering the thermostat, make sure your air conditioner’s filter is clean. Even a £5 filter will greatly enhance your home’s air quality while reducing harm to your cooling system.

4 Steps For A Spring Maintenance.

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