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Daily Telegraph Features Timber Focus in the Saturday Telegraph

Interior and Exterior Timber Cladding has been featured in the Saturday Telegraph on the 19th of September by Jessica Doyle. The Timber Focus  Products featured in the Telegraph are the SertiWOOD Range, Charred Siberian Larch, Old look Pre Aged Siberian Larch, SertiWOOD DragonWOOD, Internal Wall Coverings in the Rustic and White Wash/White Wax range.SertiWOOD Range of timber claddings are a premium range of wall coverings for internal and external applications. All SertiWOOD products are manufactured from sustainable timber. Exterior Factory finished claddings have a minimum 10 year paint warranty for timber claddings. There is a special discount code voucher available in the Magazine valid until end November 2020 to order online.

Timber Focus SertiWOOD Telegraph Ad

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