2020 – The year of Timber Cladding!

2020 – The year of Timber Cladding!

2020 – The year of Timber Cladding!

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2020 – The year of Timber Cladding!

Just like fashion industry, the architecture world is constantly changing and what was hot one year might not necessarily be in style the next. Of course there are your timeless classic looks, but one thing that looks set to be a popular trend for 2020 and beyond is the use of timber cladding and products both inside and outside of your home.

On the outside, you can expect a resurgence of beautiful garden decking that can become the perfect focal point of your garden and play host to BBQs and gatherings throughout the summer. Our softwoods from Puidukoda are a great option to refresh your outdoor space and come in a range of colours and styles.

In this eco-friendly modern age, wood cladding exteriors are also set to become a mainstay trend. Being one of the most environmentally friendly solutions, wood cladding is hard-wearing whilst also being very easy to repair; making it ideal for outdoor use. Our Thermowood range has also been heat treated to maximise durability, allowing it to survive in the harshest weather.

Wood cladding is not just going to be a trend on the outside of your home though. 2020 is going to be the year it comes inside. Dark wood interiors, such as the rustic cherry colour of our SertiWOOD® range, will give that shabby chic look to any interior. If you’re looking to brighten a room up then our whitewash wax cladding is perfect.

No matter the room or the style, 2020 is going to be the year of timber cladding, so take a look at our full range available and get renovating your house.


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